Zombie Apocalypse

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PHIL 3400 / NPD 3000, The Zombie Apocalypse:  The first half of the course will be taught August 17-23, 2014 at Covenant Point in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at Covenant Point Camp.

The second half of the course will be conducted on the campus of North Park University during the regular fall semester.  We will meet once a week to work on research and writing our final project.

We will

+ learn skills and technologies needed when civilization collapses (shelter, fire-making, cordage, flint-knapping, making and shooting a bow and arrow), and we will consider whether these skills and technologies are what makes us human.

+ produce art, ask whether we will need art after the collapse of civilization, and whether we need art even before the collapse of civilization.  That is, we will consider whether the creative capacity to make art is what distinguishes us from zombies.

+ experience “disgust” (because zombies are and do things that are disgusting), and we will consider the role of disgust in marking the boundary of the human and non-human.

+ discuss language, and we will consider whether to be human is to be a living being that speaks — as zombies are neither living nor speaking beings.

+ discuss the ethics that humans should follow in relation to one another and in relation to zombies in a time when “the old rules no longer apply.”

There will be a final paper.  We will meet during the semester to work on writing and research.  The final paper can take the form of a critical essay, creative non-fiction, or creative fiction.




Resources for Class

Zombies in Pop culture:

Zombie Metaphor

Get Apocalyptic

Geico Zombie 1

Geico Zombie 2

Geico Zombie 3

Sprint Zombie

How the News will Report the Zombie. Apoc.

How to make a bow from a sapling

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