Philosophy of Technology

Schedule of Assignments and Readings

A course on the fundamental questions concerning the nature, ethics, and politics of technology.  What is technology, and how does any particular historical manifestation of it affect the promise and perils of human life?  How does technology both express something fundamentally human, and reshape what it means to be human? Are you becoming your digital self?   How intelligent is Artificial Intelligence?  What does technological progress mean for those left behind?  What does it mean to lose touch with the material world of objects in the face of the virtue world of screen mediated life and work?

Syllabus and Schedule of Readings
Schedule of Assignments

Texts to Buy for Class
Technology and the Lifeworld by Don Ihde
The Inner History of Devices edited by Sherry Turkle
The Human Condition by Dominique Janicaud
Craft of Research selection

General Online Resources
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on “Philosophy of Technology”
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on “Philosophy of Technology”
Techné: A Journal on the Philosophy of Technology

Online Contemporary Technology Sites
The New Atlantis
Ars Technica
MIT Technology Review
The Verge

Movies to Watch During the Semester
2001: A Space Odyssey
Blade Runner
Minority Report
Being in the World

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