Philosophy of Nature


Syllabus and Schedule of Readings

Phil.2910 Nature practices Syl.Fall.2013.Clark


Texts to Buy for Class

Kohak, Erazim.  The Green Halo:  A Bird’s-Eye View of Ecological Ethics

  Williams, Joseph M. and Gregory G. Colomb. Style: The Basics of Clarity and Grace, 4th Edition, Longman, 2010.

Online Texts 


Essay 1 prompt 2013

Nature Essay 2a

Recommended Text Resources for Reference

Keeping a Nature Journal

Online Resources

Bird Language


Wild Ethics

A Conversation on the Nature of Nature Writing


Chicago Wild Things


William Cronon

Center for Humans and Nature

Richard Louv

Green Community Connections

Movies to Watch During the Semester

Green Fire

Silent Spring

Lewis and Clark

Chicago Wilderness


Black Folk Don’t: Go Green


David Attenborough narrates the olympics

Horrifying Planet:  Zebras

Horrifying Planet: Chimpanzees

Horrifying Planet: Sewers

Horrifying Planet:  Robin

Horrifying Planet:  Natural Gas

Horrifying Planet: Disease

Horrifying Planet:  Mice

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