Philosophy of Art

What happens in the encounter with a painting, a song, a poem, a play, or an architectural wonder?  Why do you value what you do in art: for its pleasures, its beauties, its emotions, its truth, for its spirituality?  In a world increasingly saturated by images, are we losing our imaginations?  What would it mean to recover a sense of the aesthetic in today’s society?  The Philosophy of Art is a close and critical examination of the meaning, value, and experience of the arts.  During the semester, the course will hosts a number of practicing artists, musicians, theater directors, and poets as guest lecturers.

Syllabus and Schedule of Readings
Schedule of Assignments

Texts to Buy for Class
Philosophy of Art, by David Boersema

General Online Resources
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on “Definition of Art”
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on “Aesthetics”

Writing Resources for Final Research Paper
Writing About Art: Online Guide to Artists and Writers
Craft of Research selection

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