Philosophy of Life and Rights: Abortion

Author: Ryan Sillins

Abortion: Are you pro life or pro choice? Is it the right of the mother or the right of the child? When do we consider someone human? Is it murder or not?

These are some of the many questions which will come up in our philosophical debate. Yes, I said debate!

There will be both pro life and pro choice sides. You must pick a side and stick with it to the end, even if you do not agree/end up not agreeing with that side. This is an important practice not only for philosophy or debates, but also for life. We will all need to take stances on things in life, and there will not always be an option to linger in the middle and have a moderate opinion. This is one of those times. Each side will have 30 minutes to prepare arguments. There will be a time for presentations from both sides, as well as time for questions and responses to each respectively.

Attached are some interesting YouTube videos to check out about the topic. I look forward to hearing from all of you on Friday!

Mixed Views:

Pro Choice:

Pro Life:

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