What is Love?

In NPU Philosophy Club this week, we will be discussing the question “What is love?” One of the most insightful philosophical texts on this subject is Plato’s Symposium. In this dramatic dialogue, Plato’s teacher Socrates attends a drinking party in which men give speeches praising love. Each speaker offers a different interpretation, but it is Socrates who presents the most interesting view of love. Socrates praises intellectual love, the love of wisdom, as the highest love.

The text in full can be found here: Symposium

A description/summary can be found here: Description

The final speech by Socrates about Love:  http://www.mesacc.edu/~davpy35701/text/plato-ladder.html

And here is a comical video illustrating the speech of Aristophanes: Aristophanes

And just for fun, one of Prof. Soderstrom’s favorite rock/blues songs about love:


Love in Kierkegaard and U2


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