What do Philosophers do?

The Atlantic recently published a short bit on “What Philosophers Do.” 

Thinking about the students that have passed through Greg, Ilsup’s and my classes over the years, I do wonder . . . what are they all doing?

From what I know, philosophy majors at North Park have gone one to a host of different careers, vocations, avocations, and communities.  It is actually quite difficult to name what a philosophy major will go on to “do” in the sense of “get paid for.”  Some teach, some write, some start up new publications, some work for national Christian organizations, some travel the world as musicians, some become pastors, some become video game designers, some start micro-breweries, some become lawyers, business people, community counselors, doctors, urban gardeners, etc. 

But what we know less about are the daily lives, the kind of people they become, their stories that spring up and flourish between their work hours,  the freedom (or pain) they experience from being equipped to think about the world, whether they would rather just grow a great tomato plant than think about the being of the tomato.

If you are an alum with a quick story to share about “life as a philosophy graduate after college” – please send it our way.  We’d love to share some on the site.  They need not be “here’s me philosophizing after college” – but can be just a window into your life.  Be creative – weave a tale – take a snapshot – share a thought – a 50 word mico-story, or something longer, a song, or a photo – something that speaks into “What philosophy majors do . . . “

Thanks in advance.


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