Zizek on “Think, don’t Act”

School is back in session; time for more posts.

When considering the “paideia of public intellectuals”, we have to wrestle with whether philosophy is foremost about thinking or acting.  Is the public intellectual the same as the activist, or theorist, or something different altogether?  Something I would like my colleague Greg to consider is Zizek’s conclusion at the end of this short reflection.  “If in the past, the Marxist would say philosophy’s task was to change the world, not only interpret it; perhaps in the 20th century, we tried to change the world too much.  It is time again to interpret it.”

Or his final piece of advice to us:  “Select a topic which touches the fundamentals of our ideology, but one in which we cannot be accused of promoting an impossible agenda.”

If this is the criteria, what are the relevant topics our philosophy major should discuss?

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