Gadamer’s Aesthetics

Hans Georg Gadamer was one of the most significant philosophers of the 20thh century, having actually lived through the entirety of it (1900-2002)! His work on interpretation theory (hermeneutics) has influenced thinking on the philosophy of art, legal studies, biblical interpretation, history, and literary theory.  Here are some online resources on his work in the philosophy of art.

Stanford Encyclopedia entry on Gadamer

Stanford Ecyclopedia on Gadamer’s Aesthetics

Handbook on Phenomenological Aesthetics (Entire book!  See page 143 for chapter on Gadamer)

Aesthetics and Hermeneutics

Gadamer’s Aesthetics” by Jean Grodin

“Play, Festival and Ritual: On Garader’s Aesthetics” by Jean Grodin

A Crtique of Gadamer’s Aesthetics (monograph)

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